Courtney has been a highly effective and enthusiastic advocate of my son’s efforts at spoken communication. We’ve been working with her for 10 months, and, in that time, my son has gone from making the simplest of sounds to expressing himself in full sentences. I attribute his progress to Courtney’s remarkable skill, great reservoirs of patience and infectious sense of fun.
- Carolyn, Gramercy Park mom

Both of our sons have made tremendous progress in just a few months with Courtney.  They look forward to working with her every week, and appreciate her patient and kind manner. The boys are certainly more relaxed due to the fact that she conducts the lessons in our home.  I will definitely recommend her to friends in need of her expertise.
- Kelly, Columbus Circle mom

Courtney has been part of our son’s life for more than two years. Before creating Communication Clubhouse, Courtney worked with him in our home. Her arrival in our apartment elicited his immediate delight. She engaged him in wonderfully varied activities, always, combining thoughtful design with innovation and responsiveness to his particular development. Her sense of humor, her flexibility, and her infallibly good instincts mean that she has established a deep bond with our son. She works tirelessly to integrate his passions into her approach while also expanding his abilities to express himself effectively. She sets goals for him, keeps us apprised of his progress and of activities and routines that we can integrate, and motivates all of us.

Visionary and well-informed in best practices, Courtney is a committed professional who keeps up with research, attends conferences, and makes timely and helpful recommendations. She has been a true collaborator with us, listening carefully to our concerns and generously responding to our questions. Her advice and her wisdom have proven foundational to our son’s progress.

Now that our son is happily engaged in the varied activities and boundless resources of Communication Clubhouse, we are thrilled with the additional motivation and momentum he possesses. Courtney is simply superb, and throughout our more than two years of working closely with her, I have reflected constantly on how lucky we all are to have her in our lives.
- Sara B., Greenwich Village Mom

Courtney was referred to us by a dear friend when we were looking to find a specialist for enrichment for our three school age children.  Bright, energetic, and inquisitive youngsters, we were hoping to find someone who could easily relate to them, to help foster their confidence while teaching them to think in new, creative ways.  Courtney has been a tremendous resource – a true gem.   My children look forward to their private special time with her because she tailors each session to their personalities and strong suits.  She actively engages with each child and encourages them to find the answers to problem sets or activities without making them feel like they are doing work.  Her individualized programs are fun, unique, and challenging and the enthusiasm she passes on is infectious.  In the short sessions, they cover a surprising amount of new information and topics.  At present, we are contemplating a move which would necessitate moving the children to a school in a different city and Courtney has been very helpful in making sure the kids are well prepared during this transition period.  As a family, we cannot say enough positive things about Courtney’s abilities.  She has a strong desire to help children and their families through her specialized services.

- Anne, Upper East Side Mom

My daughter was diagnosed with auditory processing @ age 2.75.  We met with with Courtney and immediately my daughter was drawn to her.  She was always excited to see Courtney, I could hear alot of laughs during their session. Through fun projects, Courtney was able to get through to my daughter.  After each session Courtney always updated me on what they were focusing on and how I could incorporate it into our daily routine.   Looking back I cannot believe how much they have accomplished.  From something as simple as “which one does not belong”, to the dreaded “wh” questions, they conquered them all!  Finally, at our turning 5 meeting, the panel all agreed what a success story it was and closed her IEP file for good.  She is now a thriving kindergartner, and I no longer dread going to her Parent Teacher Conference.  I can’t thank Courtney enough!!!
- Thom, Flatiron Mom